LIFTEX 2019 – Day #1: Have you visited BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS stand?

Have you had the chance to visit BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS stand this year at the LIFTEX 2019 in ExCel London – U.K.?

This is the first year that our company participates as an exhibitor in this event and we are glad to welcome and get to know in person all our cooperators in this region, as well as many international business contacts that are visiting the exhibition. 

So join our team in our Stand C42 today until 5.30pm & tomorrow Thursday 16 May from 9.30am up to 5.00pm

BIOFIAL’s Participation in LIFTEX 2019 International Lift Exhibition

For the first time BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS will be present in one of the most upcoming International Lift Exhibitions of Europe, the  LIFTEX 2019 Exhibition, located in ExCel London – U.K.

The exhibition will take place on Wednesday 15.05.19 & Thursday 16.05.19 at the ExCeL Trade Center in London and will be open each day from 09:30 to 17:00. The BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS team will be pleased to welcome its international clients and cooperators, old and potential ones, as it always does. The UK lift market is an important area of Europe for our company, as the last five years strategic partnerships and good new cooperations has developed there, resulting in having a respective and upward presentation in the English market, both in hydraulics parts such us our qualitative cylinders and power units and in innovated complete hydraulic solutions for the lifting of vehicles and cargos.

In case you wish to set an appointment in advance with our team or for any other help regarding your visit to LIFTEX 2019 EXHIBITION, please do not hesitate to contact BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS. As we are always pleased to assist you, you can also follow this link and complete the online appointment registration form!

BIOFIAL HYRAULICS team will be there at Stand C42 to welcome all of our international cooperators and showcase our premium quality hydraulic products.

So, London is calling! Be there with BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS!

Online Appointment Form for the 2019 LIFTEX Exhibition

Please fill out the below information in order to online book your appointment with one of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS team for the international 2019 LIFTex Exhibition located in ExCeL London – U.K.:

Appointment Form

Date of the appointment:
Wednesday 15.05.19Thursday 16.05.19

Time of the appointment:

Entering the Markets of France and Venezuela

It has been our long-term goal for the last 20 years to expand our reach to most countries worldwide and have our products exported directly from our factory to our worldwide customers.

After entering the Latin American markets of Brazil, Argentina and Peru achieving direct cooperations to Venezuela was a natural outcome. So, we are glad to announce that we have shipped our first orders to yet another country on the northern coast of South America, the legendary Venezuela.

Also, we have been aware that our products were distributed in France many years now and have seen them included in many final projects, but our main goal has always been to have them export them to the French territory directly. After evaluating some important business contacts, we have established several important collaborations and we are at the moment producing a specialized product for luxurious apartment complexes in France.

Season Closing Dates 2018

Season Closing Dates

We would like to inform you that, as we do every year, our company will be closed due to the Christmas and New Year holiday season, for the following periods:

  • from 22.12.2018 up to 26.12.2018
  • from 29.12.2018 up to 01.01.2019

 We will be again in your disposal at Wednesday 02.01.2019.

We thank you very much for the good collaboration so far and we wish you a Happy New Year!

Implementing even more Customized Hydraulic Projects

We always believe in setting the bar even higher is every project that we implement and that is the reason why we always welcome new and challenging quotes from our international clients.

For example, this new hydraulic scissor platform was custom-made by BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS for a specialized project in Bosnia. The platform has dimensions of 2,80m × 5,50m and total height of 3,55m. It is designed to lift weight up to 3 tons in total. Before the delivery was made to our client so as to install it to site, it was tested in our establishment to make sure of its proper function and that there will operate exceptionally.

Thanks to the high expertise and of our R&D department and the long-aged experience of our production department, this project is now performing unstoppably and excellently in one of the biggest industries in Bosnia.

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ high quality customized solutions

When standard products do not meet your requirements, BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS offers a variety of special developed products, so every customer can meet his needs!


BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS knows that standard hydraulic products don’t always meet every customer’s, market’s or project’s needs in the international elevator industry. Hydraulic design and manufacturing is not a simple process. Very often, the ability to design and manufacture the exact product a customer needs, requires time and cost, that not many producers have the ability or the will to invest in order to satisfy the customers’ needs. This is the reason why very often, customers are being forced to choose from a range of standardized products that are already available.

But as BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has always been primarily a manufacturer of custom hydraulics products of high quality, this practically means that every standardized product offered can be modified, integrated and customized, so that we international customers will be offered tailor-made solutions, in most cases, in the premium cost that most manufacturers require for standardized products. With respect to the customer’s operating concept, our R & D department can offer several options of different component specifications, assemblies designed to specific mechanical or/and electrical needs, modifications of standard products, special packages, etc, so that all the special requirements will be met, while the compatibility with existing applications will be guaranteed and the development cost and time will be minimized.

Also, BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has all of the necessary testing facilities to aid in the development, design and manufacturing process, ensuring that everything produced has been tested to meet the requirements it was designed for.

So, if you would like to have a specialized hydraulic product, part of a hydraulic elevator or a complete solution, you can contact us providing us with your exact requirements and we’ll be more than happy to work with you and meet your exact requirements.

Feel free to challange our production abilities!

Because … we DO hydraulics!




A customized solution produced a few months ago is now installed in a public building in the United Arabic Emirates. Since the power unit was placed in an open shaft, the customer requested besides the efficiency to take into account the esthetics of the installation. The result was highly satisfying for our client, as we were able to produce a power unit according to all the safety regulations, but also it could be placed in public display.  


A specialized project located in the U.S.A. market demanded to enclose the valve in a way that the maintenance would be easy. Auditors and maintenance personnel could easily have access to the control valve, but the public could not reach any of the core components of this ‘new generation’ power unit, that is inverter driven. It featured safety lock for this exact reason, making it able to be installed in an open space area. 

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS 2017 Summer Vacation Period


We would like to inform you that, as we do every year, our company will be closed due to the summer holiday, for the period from 05.08.17 up to 20.08.17.

In case you have any pending orders or you wish to place a new order, which you would like to be uniteddelivered until 03.08.17, we are kindly asking you to contact the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS production department as soon as possible, so as to have the necessary time to assist you.

Thank you for the cooperation so far! We wish you a happy and relaxing summer!

Wir möchten Sie darüber informieren, dass unser Unternehmen auf Grund der Sommerferien geschlossen werden, für den Zeitraum vom 05.08.17 bis 20.08.17.

Falls Sie noch nicht erledigten Aufträge oder Sie wollen einen germanyneuen Auftrag zu vergeben, die Sie bis zum 03.08.17 geliefert werden möchten, möchten wir Sie bitten, die BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS Produktion so schnell wie möglich zu kontaktieren, um alle zu machen die notwendigen Vorkehrungen.

Vielen Dank für die Zusammenarbeit so weit!

Wir wünschen Ihnen einen schönen und erholsamen Sommer!

Her sene olduğu gibi yaz tatili nedeniyle firmamızın 05.08.17 ve 20.08.17 tarihleri arasında kapalı olacağını bildirmek isteriz.

03.08.17 tarihine kadar teslim edilmesini istediğiniz halen verilmiş veya turkeyvermek istediğiniz yeni siparişleriniz varsa, size daha iyi servis verebilmemiz için BİOFİAL HYDRAULICS imalat departmanı ile en kısa zamanda kontağa geçmenizi rica ederiz.

Bugüne kadar göstermiş olduğunuz işbirliği için teşekkür ederiz

Sizlere mutlu ve huzurlu bir yaz dileriz.


Мы хотели бы сообщить Вам, что наша компания будет закрыта из-за летних каникул, на период с 05.08.17 до 20.08.17.

В случае, если у вас есть какие-либо отложенные ордера или вы хотитеrussia разместить новый заказ, который вы хотели бы, чтобы быть доставлены до 03.08.17, мы хотели бы попросить вас связаться с отделом производства BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS как можно скорее для того, чтобы все необходимые меры.

Благодарим Вас за сотрудничество до сих пор!

Мы желаем вам счастливого и безмятежного лета!

Desideriamo informarvi che la nostra azienda sarà chiusa per le vacanze estive, per il periodo dal 05.08.17 fino al 20.08.17.

Nel caso in cui avete ordini in corso o se si desidera effettuare un nuovo ordine, cheitaly si vorrebbe essere consegnati fino 03.08.17, vorremmo chiedere di contattare il reparto di produzione BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS il più presto possibile al fine di rendere tutto le disposizioni necessarie.

Grazie per la collaborazione finora!

Vi auguriamo una felice estate e rilassante!


BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS Holiday Wishes 2015



Dear valued customers and partners,

we thank you very much for the good collaboration & trust so far.

We wish you Happy Season Holidays

and an even more prosperous New Year,

with a lot of personal happiness and business success!


Due to holidays we will remain closed from 24.12.15 up to 27.12.15 & from 31.12.15 up to 03.01.16, as well as 06.01.16 

Have you visited us in INTERLIFT 2015 in Augsburg-Germany?

Have you visited us in INTERLIFT 2015 in Augsburg-Germany? Have you met our team? Have you seen our stand yet?

Bringing innovative solutions to the elevator industry, we have constructed our stand in a way that reflects our vision. It features our distinctive hydraulic products and also at our stand is presented for the first time a hydraulic elevator which is powered by a cutting edge inverter-driven power unit. 


Join us at the INTERLIFT 2015 exhibition till Friday 16/10/15!

You are welcome…

Volunteering to social groups

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS actively supports non-governmental, civil and other non-profit oriented organizations. This support is shown by our participation in the Board of Directors of such local social groups that mainly involve children and youth care, providing financial aid and psychological assistance where needed. Our people offer their contribution to such social activities by voluntary work and free use of our company’s recourses, such as our storage, vehicles or even the machinery.


Supporting “Friends of Merimna of Thessaloniki”


Taking into action the above, among our efforts regarding BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ social responsibility, we are actively involved in the support of the Greek non-profit organization “Friends of Merimna Thessaloniki”  and have donated and volunteered in several of their actions in our region.

The “Friends of Merimna” non-profit organization assists and supports both economically and ethically the work of “Merimna” which is a Greek company that gives children and their families the much needed psychological support in the events of death or sickness within their household.


Participation in the 10th International Marathon “Alexander The Great” in Thessaloniki



Voluntering in the Friends of Merimna Thessalonikis 3rd Spring Bazaar 2015




Learn more about “Merimna”


Friends of Merimna

13 Frangon Str. & Leontos Sofou

Thessaloniki, P.C. 546 26, Greece


2014 Report & 2015 Planning


As we do every time in the beginning of a new year, before making our plans for 2015 we review the events pasted in 2014 and make an assessment of them. So below we would like to point out the main achievements that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has accomplished in the year pasted:

  • We are pleased to announce that 2014 was the best year that we have ever had regarding both the offer inquiries and the order confirmations that were placed by our customers. Off course this reflected in the annual turnover of the company and the general profit, which was significantly risen from the previous years. Two of our main advantages have always been the company’s flexible production and its ability to address any kind of hydraulic project with precision, according to each demand. And this is appreciated by the customers that trust BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS.
  • Another high achievement for us and mainly our export department, was that we managed to enter new global markets that we had been aiming. These were the markets of Hungary, Kosovo, Kuwait and the United Arabic Emirates. We have developed strong business and personal relations with strategic partners that support and promote the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS brand in their regions.
  • At the beginning of 2013 we introduced our newest addition to the series of products that we manufacture, the BIOFIAL Hydraulic Car Frame, the BIOFIAL Compact Cargo Lifts, the Car Platforms and last but not least, the Scissor Lift Platforms. Exactly two years after their launch we have successfully planed, manufactured and installed several hundreds of such projects throughout the globe and have received very positive feedback regarding their robustness, their precision to the specifications and their general operation. BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has become a synonym of manufacturing quality hydraulic solutions for special, non-standardized projects that the international competition fail to assist.
  • Our scientific personnel participated with its articles in well-known international magazines, portals and discussions for the hydraulic lift systems, their efficiency and the new innovations of the field. We strongly support their thoughts and believe that their actions reflect BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS as a respected company with actual knowhow within the engineering world.
  • We have empowered our business and personal relationships with our international customers, suppliers and cooperators. Numerous persons, from India to Russia and literally from all over the world visited our company and our team at our premises in Thessaloniki. We were honored to welcome some long term clients that wanted to discuss some of their ongoing projects, but also several new business contacts that wanted to meet us in person and take a tour of our factory. Our team has also visited several cooperators mainly across Europe, in order to discuss various business issues. Thus, we would like to thank all of our valued clients and our respected suppliers for their time consumed in those meetings and their efforts to upgrade our cooperation.
  • We like to be connected with our cooperators and with international market generally. Thus, this past year we enforced our presence in the social media. We had a belief that even though our products were well known, many people were not familiar with our company. Now, with the social media growth and our focus on promoting our company awareness through specialized marketing strategies, we have increased the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS brand recognition.

So, after referring to 2014 highlights, we would like to present our new year’s revelations for 2015.

  • This year the main focus is on the two international exhibitions that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS will participate. The 14th International Exhibition “ASANSOR ISTANBUL 2015” that will take place on Istanbul at 26th to 29th of March and the 2015 INTERLIFT exhibition will take place in Augsburg at the middle of October.
  • Also our interest in the countries of the middle East and developing direct business relations with them, is a goal that we want to achieve and have every prospect of accomplishing.
  • Moreover, this year we want to promote the specialized projects that we and our clients have implemented in the past years and have been operating continuously until now, after all that is the only way to evaluate the quality of our production right from the source.
  • Last but not least, last July we announced that our R&D department had been renewed with highly qualified personnel in the field of hydraulics, in order to keep up with the new demands that we were receiving. Also in the same announcement we revealed that a new series of products would be launched that would expand our range of products drastically, but before giving out more information we have to manage all the details and finalize our designating and planning, so stay tuned.

Finally we warmly thank all the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ personnel that supported the company for yet another year in order to assist all our customers in the best possible way and always with a friendly and direct manner.

Closing this post, we want to thank once more, our customers, old and new ones, for their year-old trust and preference, all our suppliers that have supported us in every way and all our cooperators and friends, with their positive attitude made business a pleasure.

We are looking forward to a prosperous 2015, filled with new ventures, new connections across the globe and lots of successful business stories….



Dear valued customers and partners,

we thank you very much for the good collaboration so far.

We wish you Happy Season Holidays

and an even more prosperous New Year,

with a lot of personal happiness and business success!


Due to holidays we will remain closed from 24.12.14 up to 28.12.14 & from 31.12.14 up to 01.01.15, as well as 06.01.15 

Rise in Demand of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ Products in the Eastern Region


In the past 6 months, our export department has been noticing an interesting tendency in the Eastern Countries area. To be more precise, the Indian market and the Arabic Golf countries have increased their demand in BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products more than 250% in these two trimesters.

As a result, every other week we are having deliveries, usually of mass production of orders and therefore collective and combined exports to those two oversea areas.

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products have entered these markets in the three years very intensely and the company itself has established its brand awareness even to the final consumers, by undertaking projects that require demanding and thorough planning, as well as impeccable manufacturing knowledge.

We strongly believe that this rise in the demand will continue to flourish, enabling BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS to be considered as a top supplier in those regions.

Cultural and scientific actions

Participation and contribution in the scientific and technological community by the BIOFIAL HYDRAULIC personnel. Our engineering and administration department, having year old experience in planning, designing as well as the manufacturing process of the hydraulic systems, has written several articles and essays that have been published in magazines and posted in sites throughout the globe.

The company also feed the need to enhance and promote the traditional and cultural values of our country. Thus we have in various occasions offered sponsorship in groups that maintain these beliefs and have actively supported their actions.


Environmental, cultural and scientifically actions

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS establishes and maintains actions that protect the environment, such as effective recycling of used materials used both in the production and the commercial departments, lower energy consumption, etc.

Despite the “grey economical environment”  BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS invested in the “green energy” of photovoltaic. Wanting to improve the ecological imprint of the industry, BIOFIAL  invested in 2013 more than 150.000€ in the PV energy.


People empowerment

For BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS people are its most valuable asset. We are a team and we act like team in every business of non-business event we participate. Thus, the company constantly invests in its people training and education, in its personal development and establishing as an evolving benefit system. Also, it encourages their participation in groups, so as to strengthen the role of work force and their trade unions.


Support and participation in NGOs

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS people participate in several NGOs that have positive effect on the regional, national or international economic and social development, that nowadays have an increasable ability to stimulate growth and stability. Practically, this is done by participating in projects that enhance socialization and learning, by offering sponsorship and by supporting initiatives that promote social equality, community cohesion or strengthen the role of business and industry, etc.


Hellenic Symposium on Entrepreneurship

Participation of Mrs. Hatziefstratiou K. Fotini on behalf of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS to the Hellenic Symposium of Enterpreneurship at the Association of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki at 14.01.2013 

The entrepreneuer and CFO of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS, Mrs. Hatziefstratiou K. Fotini participated in the 2-day symposium with the topic “Entrepreneurship… From Theory to Action” that was organised by the Association of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki located at the Medirerranean Palace Hotel on Monday the 13th & Tuesday 14th of January 2013.

Mrs. Hatziefstratiou on behalf of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS was asked to give a speech and stated extensively on the subject of female entrepreneurship viewed by her own experience with the topic “Young Female Entreprenuer: To be or not to be?”.

The symposium was attended by representatives from several productive institutions, entrepreneurs, members of management and education professionals of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki as well as large number of past graduate and current students from several public and private schools. 

In this link you can view the digital publication of the event with additional photo galery.

Cooperation with academic & educational institutions

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS cooperates with academic foundations and educational institutions by sharing its expertise knowledge with young students. We often have the pleasure to host educational visits of students from local educational institutions, who are being introduced to what the hydraulic industry is in practice and other issues of our expertise.

Our people are being invited to participate in various seminars, forums and educational sessions or networking events, where their knowledge, their experience and their opinion is considered an interesting addition for the audience.

Also, it supports the academic community, by offering work placements for young students and participates in various scientific and research projects held by educational institutes or individual students.


Visits of students from local educational institutions

Lessons are not taking place only in schools classes!
Snapshots from the educational visit of students from the elevator technicians department of the Neapolis Technical Institute.

Visit by the Elevator Technician Department of Neapolis I.E.K in 2009

Visit by the Elevator Technician Department of Neapolis I.E.K in 2007