For the convenience of our customers, we have created an online database where you can have available all the files and product forms of BIOFIAL, technical issues related to the hydraulic lift systems and numerous other relevant information. At this page you can download and print all the available technical datasheets of BIOFIAL S.A.

Technical Characteristics      
Hydraulic Cylinders
Υ.1 Series
ΥD.1 Series
ΥF.1 Series
K.1 Series
Telescopic cylinders
Υ.2 Series
ΥF.2 Series
Υ.3 Series
ΥF.3 Series
Power Units
ΤΑ Series
ΤΒ Serires
Compact Cargo Lifts
BCT 600
BCT 1000
BCF 600
BCF 1000
BCT 600 D
BCT 1000 D
BCF 600 D
BCF 1000 D
Full Catalog
Tipping cylinders
Telescopic cylinders single effect A series 
Telescopic cylinders single effect C series 
Telescopic cylinders single effect D series 
Τelescopic cylinders single effect E series  
Telescopic cylinders single effect F series  
Double effect cylinders G series 
Single effect cylinders H series 
Other Components
Adjustment And Maintenance Manual For EV 100 Blain Valve
Adjustment And Maintenance Manual For KV 1P-1S Blain Valve