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BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ high quality customized solutions

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 26/10/2017 17:00 : Newsletter, None, Product, Top news

When standard products do not meet your requirements, BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS offers a variety of special developed products, so every customer can meet his needs!


BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS knows that standard hydraulic products don’t always meet every customer’s, market’s or project’s needs in the international elevator industry. Hydraulic design and manufacturing is not a simple process. Very often, the ability to design and manufacture the exact product a customer needs, requires time and cost, that not many producers have the ability or the will to invest in order to satisfy the customers’ needs. This is the reason why very often, customers are being forced to choose from a range of standardized products that are already available.

But as BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has always been primarily a manufacturer of custom hydraulics products of high quality, this practically means that every standardized product offered can be modified, integrated and customized, so that we international customers will be offered tailor-made solutions, in most cases, in the premium cost that most manufacturers require for standardized products. With respect to the customer’s operating concept, our R & D department can offer several options of different component specifications, assemblies designed to specific mechanical or/and electrical needs, modifications of standard products, special packages, etc, so that all the special requirements will be met, while the compatibility with existing applications will be guaranteed and the development cost and time will be minimized.

Also, BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has all of the necessary testing facilities to aid in the development, design and manufacturing process, ensuring that everything produced has been tested to meet the requirements it was designed for.

So, if you would like to have a specialized hydraulic product, part of a hydraulic elevator or a complete solution, you can contact us providing us with your exact requirements and we’ll be more than happy to work with you and meet your exact requirements.

Feel free to challange our production abilities!

Because … we DO hydraulics!




A customized solution produced a few months ago is now installed in a public building in the United Arabic Emirates. Since the power unit was placed in an open shaft, the customer requested besides the efficiency to take into account the esthetics of the installation. The result was highly satisfying for our client, as we were able to produce a power unit according to all the safety regulations, but also it could be placed in public display.  


A specialized project located in the U.S.A. market demanded to enclose the valve in a way that the maintenance would be easy. Auditors and maintenance personnel could easily have access to the control valve, but the public could not reach any of the core components of this ‘new generation’ power unit, that is inverter driven. It featured safety lock for this exact reason, making it able to be installed in an open space area. 

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New product series: The BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS Dock Leveller

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 15/05/2016 15:20 : Product, Top news



The R&D department of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has developed a new category of products to assist industrial facilities, the logistic market and generally companies that handle loading of trucks on a regular bases: the Biofial Hydraulic Dock Leveller.

Having the knowledge of quality customized hydraulic applications and with the yearlong experience in serving the construction industry (from all tipping trucks to the mobile concrete mixers and any industrial vehicle for heavy duty applications) we have designed, developed and manufactured this new series of hydraulic products.

The dock leveller acts as a solid and safe bridging device between the trailer floor and the loading dock, enabling forklifts and other handling equipment to move within the truck with safety and without delays. This cuts loading and unloading time to a minimum, resulting in a considerable saving in costs. The correct use of dock levellers also considerably reduces the chances of accidents caused by cargos being dropped.

Below you can view photos of some of the dock levellers series that we have already produced and have been installed in a major food packaging industry in Greece, as well as a video that demonstrates its operating process after the installation.

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Stay tuned for a new range of products

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 15/07/2014 17:40 : Newsletter, Product, Top news

New product-01

     Ιt is always essential for BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS to keep in line with all the consecutive changes that happen in the field of hydraulics. Also, we follow our customers’ needs that require complete quality hydraulic solutions for every possible application and we adopt to their feedback. Furthermore, we indulge our demand for cutting edge innovation, high expertise and new product development.

     Under this scope, we have advanced our R&D department with new, but highly experienced personnel. As a result, now we can reach even further our product range and expand the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS brand to new activities.

     BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS is getting ready to launch new products on autumn. Stay tuned for the new developments that will come…

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Why BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS power units are superior.

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 06/03/2014 18:47 : Product, projects, Top news

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS brand name may be linked with the manufacture of high quality hydraulic cylinders, that can operate in any hydraulic lift applications, but it is not the only product that stands out in its commodities. The BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS power units are one of those. The company has been producing high efficiency power units for more than 20 years. Having gained the valuable knowhow and expertise through this course of years has had a huge impact in company’s production line.

There is a misbelieve that power units are all similar and that they perform the exact same way, but this is far from truth. There are some key points that make BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ power units surpass the competitors products and these are:

  • Their block of valves are from the prominent German company BLAIN, that has decades of experience in the production of top quality valves.
  • All the other power unit’s accessories, such as the ball-valves, the hand pumps and the lock-valves are original BLAIN components and not imitation or no-name products.
  • Thermostats for low and high temperature are included.
  • They have exceptional product robustness with thick metal sheet.
  • They comprise oil heaters.
  • Reduced noise level.
  • Ergonomic design that offers ease during maintenance.
  • Compliance with the EN81-2+A3.

Having a power unit that is complete with original components from globally known brands, is a factor that not many companies in the world can boast about and if the economical aspect is also taken into account there is no room for comparison. BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS believes that the power units are essential to any hydraulic lift project and thus, insures that they are fully equipped to operate with ultimate safety and consequence.

All the above points are not just stated, they are fulfilled in every product that we manufacture and we challenge you to discover it. 

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Testing the new model of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS Scissor Lift Platform

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 24/12/2013 12:31 : Product, projects, Top news

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ first and foremost commitment is the production of high quality products which comply even with the strictest global derivatives. That is the reason why every product, before leaving our establishments to be exported in one of the 28 countries that BIOFIAL is present, is being submitted to thorough functionality and quality testing.

Wanting to share this experience with you, we are presenting a testing procedure of one of the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS lift scissor platform, that can uphold with security cargo up to 2 tons weight.


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Hydraulic Scissor Platform Lifts

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 29/11/2013 16:36 : Newsletter, Product

The product range of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS is enriched by another product line. This is the new “BIOFIAL Scissor Platform Lifts”, which includes the models BH SL – 1 and BH SL – 2. The two new models Scissor Lift Platforms feature vertical motion, for one or two stops accordingly, are suitable for both cargo & vehicle lifting. BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS, after the inclusion of this new range of products in its production, now offers all comprehensive solutions for hydraulic lifting equipments that can meet any standard or specialized need.

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We are pleased to present our newest addition to our production line, the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS Car Frame

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 25/10/2013 15:06 : Product

shaft sassi 2 web

An integral part of the construction of a hydraulic lift is a hydraulic car frame (car sling). BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS after 40 years in the field of hydraulics and wanting to have full supervision throughout the production process, integrate in its range of products the “BIOFIAL Hydraulic Car Frame”. The company now has the ability to offer its customers a complete and qualitative hydraulic lift set consisting of the cylinder, the power unit and the car frame, which are all produced entirely by BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS.

The rest of our new product series are available in our website, like the Hydraulic Car Platforms and the Scissor Lift Platforms. Feel free to explore them!

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Compact Cargo Lifts

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 20/09/2012 16:45 : Product, Top news

New product line:

BIOFIAL Compact Cargo Lifts :

A safe, easy-to-install complete solution for lifting cargos from BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS.

 BIOFIAL, besides the qualitative hydraulic systems (pistons & power units), that produces the last 36 years, is now launching its new product line, the “BIOFIAL Compact Cargo Lifts”!  The new product line, offers a safe, easy-to-install complete solution for lifting cargos, mainly for industrial and logistic applications/projects, where there is a need of a hydraulic lifting solution that provides safety in use, durability in heavy cargo lifting and reliability in intense working conditions.

For your further information about the technical specifications of the new products, as well as for a complete presentation of this new production line press here

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