INTERLIFT 2019: Less than 24 hours to go, join BIOFIAL!

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Since we are aproaching the launch of INTERLIFT 2019 exhibition in a few hours, we would like to invite you once more at our Stand 4076, located in Hall 4.

In case you wish any assistance regarding your visit to INTERLIFT 2019 exhibition, please do not hesitate to contact BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS directly.

Meet you there!

It will definitely be our pleasure…

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BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ participation in the 4th “Run without Ending” Marathon

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 10/10/2017 15:54 : Events, Newsletter, Top news


We fill proud to announce that we successfully participated in the 4th Marathon of Northern Greece “Run without Ending” 2017!

The race took place in the city of Thessaloniki and BIOFIAL HYDRULICS participated with a dynamic team of 25 people, comprised by members of our company, their families and friends. We ran 103 km in total which resulted in a donation for the charities that this event supported this year.

The athletic event “Run Without Ending” is a 50-hour race organized exclusively for charity, a race without time and mileage, whose mileage is converted into money (half a euro per kilometer) to support the work of children’s institutions and charity NGOs of the city, in this case.

As we are an active supporter of the Association “Friends of Merimna Thessaloniki”, we were glad to participate in this event and assist the work of this foundation in every way that we can.

Now are training for the next running in event that will be organized in our local community, so as to be even more fit and more socially active, ready to participate in such enjoyable and meaningful events….


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BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS is participating in the 4th Marathon of Northern Greece “Run without Ending”

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 19/09/2017 13:58 : Events, Newsletter, Top news


Given the value that we place in our company’s social responsibility and in order to enhance the charity work of our city, BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS team will participate in the 4th Marathon of Northern Greece “Run without Ending”.

“Run Without Ending” is the first, largest and only supermarathon in Northern Greece, which is now a benchmark for the city of Thessaloniki, as this year is the 4th consecutive year that it is being organised in the weekend from September 21 to 23, 2017.

It is a 50-hour race exclusively for charity, a race without time and mileage, whose mileage is converted into money (half a euro per kilometer) to support the work of children’s institutions and charity NGOs of the city.

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS actively supporting in the recent years the work of the “Friends of Merimna Thessaloniki” Association, responded to this invitation / challenge and will participate with its team consisting of 25 people.


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BIOFIAL S.A. will participate at «2nd Family Business Forum» which is organized by KPMG Greece on 12/04/2016

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 08/04/2016 16:52 : Events, Top news

2ο Family Business Forum της KPMG


For the second subsiquant time KPMG Greece organizes the «2nd Family Business Forum», the only convensionin Greece which debates exclusively issues that concern Family Businesses.  The forum will take place on Tuesday the 12th of April 2016 at the Divani Caravel hotel in Athens and is directed to entrepreneurs, owners, shareholders and members of the board and managers of family businesses. 

BIOFIAL S.A. will be represented to this significant convention by Mrs. Fotini K. Hatziefstratiou, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Exports, as a distinguished speaker.

The speakers will analyze the important issues and trends for family businesses in the European and Greek markets, like Governance, Succession Planning Next Generation, Growth, Assurance και Exit Strategies.

Mrs. Hatziefstratiou will actively participate in one of the two debate panels of the convension entitled “Coaching the young” which will be centered at the topic of succession in family businesses, requesting from the participant entrepreneurs to provide answers to polls which will take place at that time and address critical issues in the succession process.

The Forum will feature keynote speakers, case studies, and speaker panels formed by prominent entrepreneurs and owners of large Greek family Businesses.

  • Francis Lemonis, President and CEO, Lemonis Group Kalogerou Shoes
  • Platon Marlafekas, VP LUX – Marlafekas SA and President of the Chamber of Achaia
  • Nicholas Bakatselos, CEO, Pyramis
  • Danae Bezantakou, CEO, Navigator Shipping Consultants LTD
  • Fotini Hatziefstratiou, CFO and Head of Exports, Biofial AE, Hydraulic Lifting Systems
  • Alexandros Christodoulou, Sales Director, CHB Group.

Furthermore, the conveners will be presented the findings of a pan European research on family businesses “Family Business Barometer 2016” as well as the findings of a new worldwide research “Global Tax Monitor” on Family Business tax issues.

The panel of speakers will include the Alexis du Roy CEO, the Family Business Network International (FBN) – counting more than 9,100 individual members from over 3,000 family businesses across 58 countries and Dr. Rania Labaki, Professor of of Finance and Family Business at EDHEC Business School, Researcher and Academic Expert of NxG.


You can find more information to forum by following this link 

Download here the forum’s agenda as well as the participation form.


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BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS was awarded with the Bronze Αward in the category “Top Industrial Company” of the Greek Exports Awards 2015

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 15/12/2015 12:46 : Events, Newsletter, Top news




The Hydraulic Lift System Industry BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS was awarded with the Bronze award in the category of “Top Industrial Company” in this year’s Greek Export Awards 2015 for its performance in developing intense extrovert entrepreneurship.

The nomination ceremony of the Greek Export Awards 2015, which were held for the 4th sequent year by the Union of Diplomatic Finance & Commercial Affairs Officers (ENDY OEY) of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the publishing and conference organization Ethos Events, took place at Friday the 11th of December at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens, with significant distinctions among the largest Greek export companies, that basically support the Greek Economy.       

The award was received by the C.F.O and Business Operations Coordinator της BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS, Mrs. Fotini K. Hatziefstratiou, who stated: “This award stands as an act of moral vindicating for the people of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS and therefore is dedicated to those who are a part of this flexible, effective and bonded team. The administration representatives of the second generation of the company would like to point out, that this award first and foremost belongs to the founder of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS, Mr. Hatziefstratiou A. Konstantinos. The Greek companies have to stand against multinational companies of uneven proportions that are founded in countries with stable economy and have a reputation in industrial production, which makes the competition extremely difficult. Also, they have to face another and even stronger obstacle: to compete and overcome their own image, the bad reputation that constantly follows our country in these past years. Despite all of the above, the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS team is bond to continue their efforts, overcome these adversities and prove that the positive attitude of the Greek business and the Greek entrepreneur can subvert the negativity and project the most positive aspects of the Greek economy: Premium Greek products, business ethics and dignity”.            

H purpose for organizing the Greek Export Awards 2015 is the reward of excellence in the export division of the in domestic business community. Therefore the award that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS was nominated and won, justifies the strategic decision to invest in the extrovert activity of the company. It is worth mentioning that the company, which started its operation more than four decades ago and is established in Thessaloniki, today manufactures and distributes its premium quality and innovative hydraulic products at 44 countries worldwide, at five continents, from N. Zealand to India and from Brazil to China.    

The award ceremony, which held speeches by the Secretary-General of the ministry of Economy Mr. Ilias Ksanthakos, the Emeritus Professor of the National Technical University of Athens Mr. Theodosios Tasios. Mr. Tsanetos Karantsis President of the Union of Diplomatic Finance & Commercial Affairs Officers (ENDY OEY) and Mr. Konstantinos Ouzounis CEO of Ethos Media, the ceremony was presented by the reporter of SKAI channel Ms. Anna Bousdoukou and was attended by more than 400 executives of the Greek industry.


Watch below the award ceromony of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS as well as photos of the event:

This press release was republished by the Greek blogs Thessbomb & Mywaypress.

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Participation in the “Greek Export Awards 2015” as Top Industrial Export Company

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 08/12/2015 17:22 : Events, Export, Newsletter, Top news



We are proud to announce that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS is this year candidate in the most prestigious awards for the Greek export activity, the “Greek Export Awards 2015”, at the category Top Industrial Export Company, held for the 4th sequent year by the Union of Diplomatic Finance & Commercial Affairs Officers (ENDY OEY) of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the publishing and conference organization Ethos Events.

After a successful 25 year presence in the international markets and having significant activity in more than 44 countries worldwide, the participation alone, but also the possibility of a distinction, is the best moral reward for the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS team.

The award ceremony and the announcement of the results will be held at the 11th of December 2015 at the Divani Caravel Hotel located in Athens, in the presence of the most influential representatives of the economical and commercial background of the country.

The BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS team will be present, participating in an institution that rewards the uprising business activity, its people, their ideas and the collaborations among the top exporting companies of Greece, but also supporting its own participation for a distinction.

Stay tuned for more to come….


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Stratigic partnerships in the UK: BIOFIAL + SHORTS

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 10/07/2014 18:38 : Events, Export, Newsletter, Top news

Knowing that our products are showcased at some of the most demanding markets internationally makes us feel proud and appreciative of the collaborations that we have developed over the years, even more when our customers present our products to their forwarding activities.

In this occasion a strategic partner of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS that has grown to be a key cooperative in the northern Europe, SHORTS INDUSTRIES LTD has included our power units to present the renovation work that they do in UK territory. Having to refurnish a hydraulic elevator, so as to achieve higher efficiency and lower energy consumption, is a tricky operation that demands experience, knowhow, trustability and premium quality, that both BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS and SHORT INDUSTRIES require.

In the two demonstrating events of SHORTS’ for 2014, the Shorts London Open Day (Canary Wharf 19.03.14) and the Shorts Northern Open Day “Tour de Shorts” (Bradford 25.06.14), BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS was present: our power unit range for the refurbishment market, has been showcased, attracting the visitors attention.

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BIOFIAL attended the reception for the acquaintance of entrepreneurs with the new US Consul General, Mr. Robert Sanders

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 03/10/2013 09:37 : Events, Export, Top news

On Wednesday the 25.09.13 the new U.S. Consul General in Thessaloniki, Mr. Robert Sanders, hosted a reception at the consular residence, with local businessmen invited in a friendly evening of acquaintance where the main subject was the culture of entrepreneurship.

BIOFIAL Hydraulics was among the few selected companies invited by the consular authorities and was represented by Mrs Chatziefstratiou K Fotini.

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Educational Visit by the Elevator Technician Students of a Local Institute IEK in 2009

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 16/10/2009 10:05 : Events

Lessons are not taking place only in schools classes!
Snapshots from the educational visit of students from the lift technicians department of the Neapolis IEK.

Visit of the I.E.K. 2009

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Educational Visit by the Elevator Technician Students of a Local Institute in 2007

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS : 16/10/2007 10:07 : Events

Visit of the I.E.K. 2007

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