The new product line “BIOFIAL Hydraulic Car Platforms” is the first integrated hydraulic lift system built exclusively by BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS. Having a 40 years expertise and experience in the hydraulic industry, BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS aims to serve customers who seek high quality vertical transfer lift systems for vehicles, with maximum safety measures, made to meet the highest standards.
The new series consist of two series which operate with direct acting: the BH-CD, in which the pistons are located opposite each other in the shaft and the BH-CL D, in which the pistons are located beside each other on the same side of the shaft. BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS is one of the few hydraulic manufacturers worldwide who have the ability to serve specialized requirements which cannot be met by standard solutions provided by the market. The two new series can be customized depending on the parameters of each project.
The wide useful floor area featured in the “BIOFIAL Hydraulic Car Platforms” makes them an ideal solution for applications with limited work space. Some other main advantages are the ease of installation, the ergonomics, the relatively low cost and above all the safety in use, because of the direct suspension cylinder operation (with the use of simple or telescopic cylinders). BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’s option to provide systems with immediate suspension is a powerful advantage compared with the existing solutions, which operate with indirect suspension and the use of wire ropes, which lack in safety, ergonomics and ease of installation.
All the “BIOFIAL Hydraulic Car Platforms” are certified by prestigious certification bodies and with total accordance with the applicable EU directives.

Type   BH CD 
Rated load 2000 kg 2500 kg 3000 kg
Travel  3000 – 9000 mm 3000 – 9000 mm 3000 – 9000 mm
Pit depth 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm
Last floor height  3200 mm 3200 mm 3200 mm
Platform width (PW) 2000 mm 2500 mm 3000 mm
Shaft width (SW) 2550 mm 3050 mm 3550 mm
Platform depth (PD) 5000 mm 5500 mm 6000 mm
Shaft depth (SD) 5050 mm 5550 mm 6050 mm
Rod type Y1 – Y2 – Y3 Y1 – Y2 – Y3 Y1 – Y2 – Y3
Max. Speed  0.15 m/sec 0.15 m/sec 0.15 m/sec
Pump nominal supply  115 lt/min* 150 lt/min* 150 lt/min*
Motor nominal power 9.6 kw* 9.6 kw* 11.8 kw*