Sometimes it is hard for us to keep track where all our products are being used. Having a production that manufactures more than 6000 cylinders and power units per year, besides our special constructions and custom requests, makes tracking sometimes impossible, if one considers that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS exports to literally all around the globe.

In some occasions thought, our cooperators surprise us in the most pleasant way possible, by giving us feedback as to where our products are being installed  after being delivered from our establishment. So it is our pleasure to share with you some insights, as to where BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products are being set to motion!

Why producing customized products is our advantage

The last decade, BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has been successfully researching, designing, manufacturing and implementing customized complete hydraulic elevator solutions for cargo or vehicles, in compact and scissor mode, and one of the most common questions that our clients apply to us is “why don’t you produce standard series of that products?” We believe that having standardized more »


Customized Hydraulic Car Platform with Movement in Two Axis

  The contemporary architecture of the buildings in urban centers and the various spatial restrictions that occur because of it, create several complicated challenges that the vertical movement industry has to face, not only in theory, but in practice, meaning the actual implementation of such projects.   BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has the scientific and technical knowledge, more »


BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS Products in Installations Around the Globe

Here in BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS, our export department has a precise view both of the countries and the customers that our products are exported, but usually we do not know which is their final use, where they are installed and what need they serve. It is well known that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ strongest asset is the ability more »


Why BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS power units are superior.

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS brand name may be linked with the manufacture of high quality hydraulic cylinders, that can operate in any hydraulic lift applications, but it is not the only product that stands out in its commodities. The BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS power units are one of those. The company has been producing high efficiency power units for more »


BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS aplied in Mobile Concrete Mixer Systems

As we were wandering from time to time, where else could the custom-made cylinders and power units of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS been used, a long-lasting cooperator of us send us the below photos, where a new hydraulic application of our qualitative products is introduced. BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS cylinders and power units are being included in the construction more »


Custom hydraulic cylinder of 10m produced for a special inclined tramway

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS is always fascinated by new and demanding projects that require careful planning and intensive design, thus this recent request that we have undertake. Our goal this time was to manufacture a hydraulic cylinder of 10 meters length in one piece specifically made for a public inclined tramway installation here in Greece, required in more »


Testing the new model of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS Scissor Lift Platform

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ first and foremost commitment is the production of high quality products which comply even with the strictest global derivatives. That is the reason why every product, before leaving our establishments to be exported in one of the 28 countries that BIOFIAL is present, is being submitted to thorough functionality and quality testing. Wanting more »


Project Tsari Mali Grad Fortress in Belchin – Bulgaria

The 1st Fully Restored Roman Fortress Opened its Doors in Bulgaria The first fully restored Roman fortress in Bulgaria in the village of Belchin near the mountain town of Samokov has opened its doors for visitors. The ribbon was cut by Regional Development Minister, Desislava Terzieva. The Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova, who in her youth has been a teacher in Belchin, also attended the ceremony. Culture Minister, Petar Stoyanovich, more »