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            BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS, through a steady growth of 45 years in the hydraulic industry, is proud to have an extensive clientele, spread across Greece and now in 52 countries worldwide. The high quality products, the vast experience and expertise, and the reliability and efficiency, have established BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS in overseas markets.

            For over 24 years, it has developed significant export activity. The export activities started in 1991, initially forming partnerships with the neighboring Balkan countries, later evolved with the development of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS‘s network in most European countries and in recent years the progress continues by forming strategic partnerships in various overseas countries of the world. Today the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products, almost of all the range of production, are being directly exported in the five continents of the globe.  

            The sales network of the company covers all Greek territory and about 80% of the production capacity is being exported. BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products are directly exported to countries such as Russia, China, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, Italy, United Kingdom, Turkey, Albania, Argentina, Spain, Sweden, Israel, Serbia, India, Belgium, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, S. Arabia, Ukraine, Israel, Oman, Montenegro, etc. and also through its clients (embedded in the final product) in almost all the countries of the world.


Our quality hydraulic products have entered the markets of Lithuania, Peru and Qatar!

Although having entered the world market for over 20 years now, we always work in the internationalization of our brand by trying to constantly expand our borders and promote our products to every corner of the world. Thus we are happy to announce that in this semester BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has successfully entered the markets of more »


Crossing the Atlantic: BIOFIAL HYDAULICS’ products entered the U.S.A. market

A long time goal was achieved this year and the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS team feels pleased and proud to share the good news with its international cooperators: the quality BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products has entered the USA market! The American market can without doubt be considered by every export-oriented manufacturing industry as one of the most challenging markets more »


Participation in the “Greek Export Awards 2015” as Top Industrial Export Company

  We are proud to announce that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS is this year candidate in the most prestigious awards for the Greek export activity, the “Greek Export Awards 2015”, at the category Top Industrial Export Company, held for the 4th sequent year by the Union of Diplomatic Finance & Commercial Affairs Officers (ENDY OEY) of the more »


Russia – Spain – Philippines: Three new markets added to BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS export map

Three new markets have been added to the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS export activity map! We welcome Russia, Spain and Philippines to our international clientele! Having entered most European countries with direct exports of almost all the range of our products, one of the most difficult and most competitive markets has been Russia. We have always had strong more »


We export there where others import from: CHINA

    The Chinese market has always been a target for our export department, due to the fact that China is one of the largest and most fast growing markets in the world. But as you might already know, BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products are distinguished because they are produced for custom made applications, under the most more »


BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products travel 15.200 km to reach New Zealand

  Having an active and constantly expanding export activity, is something that we have worked hard for. This is proved by the fact that one can find BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products in countries that appear on every side of the globe. And it also consists proof that our products, due to their premium quality, can stand in every more »


BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS Products in Installations Around the Globe

Here in BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS, our export department has a precise view both of the countries and the customers that our products are exported, but usually we do not know which is their final use, where they are installed and what need they serve. It is well known that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ strongest asset is the ability more »


Rise in Demand of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ Products in the Eastern Region

In the past 6 months, our export department has been noticing an interesting tendency in the Eastern Countries area. To be more precise, the Indian market and the Arabic Golf countries have increased their demand in BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products more than 250% in these two trimesters. As a result, every other week we are having more »


Stratigic partnerships in the UK: BIOFIAL + SHORTS

Knowing that our products are showcased at some of the most demanding markets internationally makes us feel proud and appreciative of the collaborations that we have developed over the years, even more when our customers present our products to their forwarding activities. In this occasion a strategic partner of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS that has grown to more »


New markets: Kuwait – Hungary – United Arabic Emirates – Kosovo

     It has always been one of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ strategic decisions to introduce our high quality products to new markets and establish long lasting collaborations with leading companies all over the world.      Having extended our range of products and launched superior complete hydraulic solutions for almost every industrial application, our aim is more »


Now BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products are being directly exported in Poland!

  As we have been informed by our clients and cooperators, this was not the first time that the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products enter the Polish market as a parts of complete hydraulic lifts or other machinery. Our Greek and foreign clients have been included them for many years now, as separate parts of the their more »


Brazil: New frontiers to pass and maintain

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has acheived a new goal by crossing the Atlantic sea once more and initiating a B2C collaboration with a well known and dominane elevator company in Brazil. By entering a new region BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS will attemp to make many new stratigic partnerships so as to strengthen its brand awarness to new nations worldwide. More more »


BIOFIAL attended the reception for the acquaintance of entrepreneurs with the new US Consul General, Mr. Robert Sanders

On Wednesday the 25.09.13 the new U.S. Consul General in Thessaloniki, Mr. Robert Sanders, hosted a reception at the consular residence, with local businessmen invited in a friendly evening of acquaintance where the main subject was the culture of entrepreneurship. BIOFIAL Hydraulics was among the few selected companies invited by the consular authorities and was represented by more »


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