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BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS having the knowhow and expertise of 40 years can fully undertake the research, the design, the whole project planning and the implementation of any hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic project and specific hydraulic completed cargo/vehicle lift systems.

The research and development of any hydraulic project is being made after detailed briefing of the technical department with the requirements of each application which are in accordance with the data provided by each customer.

The high level of expertise and the qualified personnel enable BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS to offer thorough, secure, ergonomic and competitive solutions for each possible hydraulic systems application. Moreover, after careful consideration, the technical department can offer alternative proposals even for the most demanding projects, having always set as a measure the coexistence of technological, safety and quality aspects of every particular offer.

The age long and direct cooperation of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS with the most dependable firms abroad, allows direct access to raw materials and high quality components with flawless technical specifications which guarantee the top quality and persistence of the final product.

In this way BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS, utilizes exclusively the foremost secure and recognized raw materials, it employs only highly skilled personnel with years of experience and it withholds a wide network of trustworthy associates, locally and abroad. Last but not least, the 40 years of experience in hydraulic systems, is the strongest guarantee for its numerous customers from more than twenty seven countries, who confide in the company for over four decades.

The primary objective of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has always been the best possible assistance of the customer, an object which is served with consistence from the initial request up to the delivery of each order, with the after-sales department that operates. That is the reason why every request is examined individually and thoroughly, based on the specifications provided. Therefore is not random the fact that the most specialized hydraulic application firms, on a global scale, can be found in BIOFIAL HUDRAULICS’ clientele.

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