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The product range of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS is enriched by another product line. This is the new “BIOFIAL Scissor Platform Lifts”, which includes the models BH SL – 1 and BH SL – 2. The two new models Scissor Lift Platforms feature vertical motion, for one or two stops accordingly, are suitable for both cargo & vehicle lifting. BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS, after the inclusion of this new range of products in its production, now offers all comprehensive solutions for hydraulic lifting equipments that can meet any standard or specialized need.

The new “BIOFIAL Scissor Platform Lifts” have the following advantages:

• They achieve the maximum use of the shaft, compared to other applications.

• They allow equal share of the load, which contributes to the smooth function of the platform.

• They include silent pressure units suitable for use not only in industrial / business premises, but also in residential buildings.

• The installation can be completed within a few hours, due to their capability of being delivered in a fixed, preassembled form.

• They are stand out for their ease of use and ergonomics.

• They are capable of configuration according to the specifications of each project.

The products are designed in accordance with the applicable Community directives, have been tested under the most stringent operating conditions and manufactured under highest quality criteria. They are certified by a recognized body for their safety and smooth operation.


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