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BL HD Series

BL HI Series

An integral part of the construction of a hydraulic lift is a hydraulic car frame (car sling). The BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS after 40 years in the field of hydraulics and wanting to have full supervision throughout the production process, integrate in its range of products the “BIOFIAL Hydraulic Car Frame”. The company now has the ability to offer its customers a complete and qualitative hydraulic lift set consisting of the cylinder, the power unit and the car frame, which are all produced entirely by BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS.

 Each car frame model of the new series is made depending on the suspension type that requires each hydraulic lift system and suitable for all types of cylinders manufactured by BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS.

The main features of the new series “BIOFIAL Hydraulic Car Frame” are:

  • Heavy and sturdy construction.
  • Manufacturing flexibility capable of complete customization for demanding projects.
  • High safety coefficient.
  • Ability to be installed in open-air areas, by using galvanized steel.
  • The raw materials and the individual parts that form the final product come from the most renown international industries.

The “BIOFIAL Hydraulic Car Frames” are made in accordance with the applicable Community Directives. Also they have been certified by an accredited body for their safety and smooth operation.

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