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The new product line of BIOFIAL S.A. the “BIOFIAL Compact Cargo Lifts” product line, offers complete solutions for lifting cargos. The “BIOFIAL Compact Cargo Lifts” can be used mainly in industrial and logistic properties, where there is a need of an easy-to-install hydraulic lifting solution that provides safety in use, durability in heavy cagro lifting and reliability in intense working conditions.

BIOFIAL offers a standardized range of products up to 1ton rated load max., and also has the ability to offer solutions up to 2tons rated load max., after customers demand (available with customer’s special order).

The new standardized product line consists of the following products:

  • BCF 600       →        Indirect (2:1) acting with frame with 600kg max. rated load
  • BCF 1000     →        Indirect (2:1) acting with frame with 1000kg max. rated load
  • BCF 600 D    →       Direct (1:1) acting with frame with 600kg max. rated load
  • BCF 1000 D  →       Direct (1:1) acting with frame with 1000kg max. rated load

The products are pre-mounted with a firm metal construction, they perform noiselessly and with smooth movement, they can be quickly and easily installed, and they have complete certification according to ΕΝ 81.3 E.E. directive.


TypeBCF – 600BCF – 1000BCF – 600 DBCF – 1000 D
ActingIndirect 2:1Indirect 2:1Direct 1:1Direct 1:1
Max. Rated Load (Kg)60010006001000
Max. Suspended Load (Kg)87015409501600
Min. Pit (mm)250300250300
Min. Headroom (mm)2000250032003200
Platform Width – PW  (mm)1600180016001800
Platform Depth – PD  (mm)1200150012001500
Guide Rails75 x 62 x 1089 x 62 x 1675 x 62 x 1089 x 62 x 16
RamØ 60 massiv Ø 80  –  Ø 90 x 10Ø 50Ø 70
Max. Travel  (m)121299
Max. Speed (m/sec)0,150,150,150,15
Guiding ObjectsShoesRollersShoesRollers
DBG  (mm)500-1000700-1200500-1000700-1200
Rapture Valve1/2 ”3/4 ”1/2 ”3/4 ”
TankT.A. 25 – 53T.B. 70  –  T.B. 130T.A. 25 – 53T.B. 70
Pump (lit/min)1223 – 302335
Motor  (Kw)
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