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Crossing the Atlantic: BIOFIAL HYDAULICS’ products entered the U.S.A. market


A long time goal was achieved this year and the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS team feels pleased and proud to share the good news with its international cooperators: the quality BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products has entered the USA market!

The American market can without doubt be considered by every export-oriented manufacturing industry as one of the most challenging markets of the world. A market like that is known for its demand in high quality and innovated products, but at the same time, for the strict safety restrictions and specialized features of their applications which makes the import of products that are not competitive in their quality and specifications, extremely difficult if not impossible.

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS having succeeded in the last couple of years to substantially increase its export presence with the successful entry in new strategic markets such as the ones of China and Russia, has set as a prior goal the infiltration to the market of North USA. A proof of the company’s dynamic developed the recent years, is that this goal has already been achieved, indeed by having made very intensive efforts.

The globalization of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS brand name has always consisted the core strategy of the company. The positive results of all those extrovert efforts that are made by our team, make us feel confidence that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ products with their premium quality, their high efficiency and their robust construction, can successfully meet the high-end demands and the customized requirements of the unique and interesting market of the USA.

In accordance to the above rationale, although the last years we have been in contact with various USA companies, we have finally developed a much promising collaboration with a prestigious and trustworthy company that has a successful international presence in the global lift industry, so as to reassure the best possible prospects for the entrance of our products in this significant market in the opposite side of the Atlantic.

Stay tuned for more to come, as we strongly believe that after seeing our efforts flourishing, more positive and promising achievements will follow in the near future…

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