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BIOFIAL is one of the few manufactures worldwide producing synchronized telescopic hydraulic cylinders. These telescopic cylinders are well known for their top-rated quality, their wide range of standardized dimensions, their competitive cost and their swift delivery.

Telescopic cylinders are produced by BIOFIAL in order to offer solutions for demanding lifting applications, such as heavy cargo platforms, projects with limited shaft dimensions, vehicle lifts and panoramic elevators.

They can be used for loads up to 20 tons and travel distance up to 30 meters.

They are available in six main series:

Y.2 Series2-stage telescopic side hydraulic cylinders
YF.2 Series2-stage telescopic central hydraulic cylinders (with flange)
Y.3 Series3-stage telescopic side hydraulic cylinders
YF.3 Series3-stage telescopic central hydraulic cylinders (with flange)
Y.4 Series4-stage telescopic side hydraulic cylinders
YF.4 Series4-stage telescopic central hydraulic cylinders (with flange)

The telescopic cylinders of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS are recognized on an international level for their top rated quality, the wide range of standardized dimensions that supports every possible application, their competitive cost and immediate delivery.

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