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The high quality of the hydraulic cylinders manufactured by BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS is the result of years of experience and know-how of the science of hydraulics. It is ensured by the use of first rated materials, of the most reliable international brands and the meticulous manufacturing process, which is carried out by qualified personnel.The hydraulic cylinders of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS are developed according to the EU directives and the fullfil the strickest safety measures.They are manifactures with piston diameter from 50 to 200mm, in the requested travel distances up to 20m.
They are available in three series.

  • Y.1 – side hydraulic cylinder
  • YD.1 – side divisible hydraulic cylinder
  • YF.1 – central hydraylic cylinder

Simple hydraulic cylinders Y.1 series (single piston) in different versions according to the needs of each application. Divided hydraulic cylinders in 2 or 3 parts YD.1 series in projects where the length of the cylinder makes it impossible to be installed in the shaft. Also hydraulic cylinders with support flange, YF.1 series for applications of central suspension.

The K.1 series of hydraulic cylinders (compact type) are mainly used in cargo elevation applications. They are compined the T.A. power units.



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