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One of the main intentions of BIOFIAL company, is to produce high quality hydraulic lift systems so as to provide specialized services for hydraulic applications. Therefore, production procedure constitutes a peak point for a company. BIOFIAL adds on and on at its production range new innovative products, which aims to the best integration to hydraulic applications for each customer. The company, in order to achieve all these, affords excellent technological equipment that is enduringly renovating by modern technology systems, fully automated with high productivity. Biofial’s strategy is to constantly modernize its technological equipment by acquiring new generation’s equipment. Investment on technological developed equipment, in addition to our highly educated personnel and our 35 years experience in the field of hydraulic applications, give to the company the above advantages:

– The ability to continuously expand the production range
– Increase of production abilities
– Improvement of competitive


 BIOFIAL company affords number of metal working machinery, metal cutting and forming machines, finishing and honing machines and welding machines. In addition, our equipment contains special processing units such as product painting unit, hard chromium unit and more else. The majority of the technological equipment consists of special machineries, made exclusively under request and modulated only for our company’s needs from the most reliable international suppliers.

As it concerns the raw materials and products internal transfer, we actually use pallet rackets and overhead cranes. As well as, in order to achieve the best quality control for our products, a variety of testing machines have been manufactured after special order. Testing machines are exclusively designed for controlling the quality of the hydraulic cylinders, the power units, the pressure hoses, e.t.c. .

BIOFIAL company has a sufficient professional number of vehicles for its products distribution and so as for every day’s services.

Eventually, it is worth to mention the emphasis that BIOFIAL company is giving to preventive observation and regular conservation, the emphasis to facilities modernization, as well as the facilities and equipment common and daily cleaning. As a result, is the fact that the whole equipment and facilities where the production procedure is taking place is maintained into excellent condition.

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