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Flow Valves

Control  valves for hydraulic elevators with flows ranging from 10-1600 l/min. For elevators of high  performance  and comfort .
For small-hydraulic elevators with speeds ranging from 0,16 m/s to 0,8 m/s depending on the type of valve. Commonly used for lifting loads.

Directional Control Valves

Monoblock or divited control valves allowable pressure 250 bar. Flows ranging  from 15 L to 200 L. Cross sections  3/8΄΄ to 1΄΄.

Submersible Motors

Motors  completely immersed in the oil for hydraulic lifts, in three phase from 4 to 100 HP, 2 pole 50/60 HZ.

Flange Motors

Motors  with all applicable international standards. Available from 0,06 to 30 kW for the three-phase or 0.06 to 1,5 Kw for single phase, with the foot or  flange.

Safety Valves

Safety valve for hydraulic elevators. Incorporated on the piston,  with flows ranging from 5 to 800 l / min. Cross sections  ½΄΄ to 2 ½΄΄.

High Pressure Hoses

Flexible pressure tubes with 1, 2 or 4 steel wire for high pressure and high resistance in sections of ½’’ to 2’’.

Oil Gear Pumps

Gear pumps for high pressure application till 250 bar .Group 1,2,3 and 4 and flow rages 6 to 240 lt/min

Oil Tapped Pumps

Screw  pumps for hydraulic elevator, low  pressures and low level noise. Three face or single phase with flow rages 8 to 1200 lt/min

Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulics oil according to ISO 46, available at 20L containers or 209L barrels . All their certification is available after purcahse.

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