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“Corporate Social Responsibility is the voluntary commitment of businesses to incorporate social and environmental actions in their business practices related to all those affected by their activities (employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers, investors, consumers, communities in which they operate, etc.), above and beyond the requirements of law.”

– Greek Network for Corporate Social Responsibility

As growth takes us into new places, we want our expertise and resources to help deliver tangible results. The way we, as a team, interact and contribute to our local community or in global communities, is fundamental in order to be a Responsible Business. In fact, corporate social responsibility at BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS runs deeply throughout our company and its people: Giving back to community, to its people and the environment. Treating people with respect and dignity. Every day, we demonstrate our beliefs and are proud of our team’s efforts to inspire and equip the next generation for a more sustainable future.

We believe that our company’s long-term objectives can be aimed only by considering the fact that our company is a part of the environment and not a dominant unity. Thus, BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS people consistently put in place practices and actions that provide support for important social activities and vulnerable social groups, cooperate with the educational community by sharing its expertise knowledge with young students. Both the company as an organization and its people as individuals participate in several social groups and NGOs, contributing by sharing their opinion and take actions that protect the environment or promote culture, tradition and ethical values that express their mentality.

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’s corporate social responsibility is considered to be an asset and includes actions that advance the company’s and its people contribution in the following fields:

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