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Customized Products

Since 1973 BIOFIAL has been actively involved in supporting any demanding industrial application that operates with hydraulic heavy-duty and/or high-performing machines.
The company has experience in providing solutions that meet or even exceed its customers’ expectations. The R&D department calculates, designs, plans, develops and produces any kind of hydraulics requested.
The flexible production supports any demand under the specifications provided for each customized project, either with sole hydraulic products (cylinders, power units, metal frames, etc) or with complete solutions, ready for installation.
The wide range of applications where BIOFIAL hydraulic products are used demonstrate the efficiency, the effectiveness and the reliance of the company.

Single & double effect cylinders for special applications

Simple, telescopic, devisable and two-ways hydraulic  cylinders, are designed and manufactured after costumer’s demand,accordingly to the usage that every costumer requires. Suggestively, some of those applications are mentioned below:

  • Car Parking Systems
  • Garbage truck & waste recycling
  • Lifting machinery
  • Presses for metallurgy,cutting, modulation
  • Constitutive machinery
  • Presses for cotton and tobacco industry
  • Drilling machine
  • Trap doors for ships
  • Snowplow machines
  • Irrigation dams
  • Cranes
  • Road construction machines
  • Ship transport trailers
  • Floating plattforms
  • Legs for vehicles
  • Lifting machinery for workshops.

High – pressure units

BIOFIAL makes the research, the design and the production of completed high-pressure units that accompany the hydraulic cylinders, which are appropriate for all the range of specialized applications.

The tanks of those high-pressure units has a capacity which varies from 12 lt to 750 lt, and they are wholly manufactured by our company, with the use of contemporary privately owned machines for metal,cut and modulation.

All the spare parts of the high-pressure units (block-valves, electro-valves,filters, e.t.c.) originate from the most dependable European industries.

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