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BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ high quality customized solutions

When standard products do not meet your requirements, BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS offers a variety of special developed products, so every customer can meet his needs!


BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS knows that standard hydraulic products don’t always meet every customer’s, market’s or project’s needs in the international elevator industry. Hydraulic design and manufacturing is not a simple process. Very often, the ability to design and manufacture the exact product a customer needs, requires time and cost, that not many producers have the ability or the will to invest in order to satisfy the customers’ needs. This is the reason why very often, customers are being forced to choose from a range of standardized products that are already available.

But as BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has always been primarily a manufacturer of custom hydraulics products of high quality, this practically means that every standardized product offered can be modified, integrated and customized, so that we international customers will be offered tailor-made solutions, in most cases, in the premium cost that most manufacturers require for standardized products. With respect to the customer’s operating concept, our R & D department can offer several options of different component specifications, assemblies designed to specific mechanical or/and electrical needs, modifications of standard products, special packages, etc, so that all the special requirements will be met, while the compatibility with existing applications will be guaranteed and the development cost and time will be minimized.

Also, BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has all of the necessary testing facilities to aid in the development, design and manufacturing process, ensuring that everything produced has been tested to meet the requirements it was designed for.

So, if you would like to have a specialized hydraulic product, part of a hydraulic elevator or a complete solution, you can contact us providing us with your exact requirements and we’ll be more than happy to work with you and meet your exact requirements.

Feel free to challange our production abilities!

Because … we DO hydraulics!




A customized solution produced a few months ago is now installed in a public building in the United Arabic Emirates. Since the power unit was placed in an open shaft, the customer requested besides the efficiency to take into account the esthetics of the installation. The result was highly satisfying for our client, as we were able to produce a power unit according to all the safety regulations, but also it could be placed in public display.  


A specialized project located in the U.S.A. market demanded to enclose the valve in a way that the maintenance would be easy. Auditors and maintenance personnel could easily have access to the control valve, but the public could not reach any of the core components of this ‘new generation’ power unit, that is inverter driven. It featured safety lock for this exact reason, making it able to be installed in an open space area. 

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