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BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ Practices for Safe & Secure Communication


Having dedicated our efforts into manufacturing high quality hydraulic products offering our cooperators the highest customer relations and services sometimes might not be enough in order to build with our cooperators not only an efficient business relationship, but at the same time a safe and confident one.  

As we have been aware that there have been several malicious attempts to many companies that try to either infiltrate and steal information or confuse the clients into making deposits to false accounts, we feel the need to inform you that you may rest assured that here at BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS we take these issues seriously and apply all the necessary precautions in order to avoid such unwanted attempts.

Our company practices all the latest computerization and data processing practices to protect the conversations and personal data from being intercepted. Our servers are being monitored 24/7 and we inspect each file as it arrives and run diagnostics every day.

Our company will only communicate with you through our official email addresses under the domain of and never from a personal account. Our messages are mostly written within the same format and follow specific guidelines. The persons involved in every stage of our cooperation is known to you. So in case you receive a message that does not agree with both the above terms please forward it to us immediately and contact us in our official data or telephone number for confirmation. That way we can guarantee that both parties can be informed and our conversation will remain safe and confident.

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