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BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS was awarded with the Bronze Αward in the category “Top Industrial Company” of the Greek Exports Awards 2015




The Hydraulic Lift System Industry BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS was awarded with the Bronze award in the category of “Top Industrial Company” in this year’s Greek Export Awards 2015 for its performance in developing intense extrovert entrepreneurship.

The nomination ceremony of the Greek Export Awards 2015, which were held for the 4th sequent year by the Union of Diplomatic Finance & Commercial Affairs Officers (ENDY OEY) of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the publishing and conference organization Ethos Events, took place at Friday the 11th of December at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens, with significant distinctions among the largest Greek export companies, that basically support the Greek Economy.       

The award was received by the C.F.O and Business Operations Coordinator της BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS, Mrs. Fotini K. Hatziefstratiou, who stated: “This award stands as an act of moral vindicating for the people of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS and therefore is dedicated to those who are a part of this flexible, effective and bonded team. The administration representatives of the second generation of the company would like to point out, that this award first and foremost belongs to the founder of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS, Mr. Hatziefstratiou A. Konstantinos. The Greek companies have to stand against multinational companies of uneven proportions that are founded in countries with stable economy and have a reputation in industrial production, which makes the competition extremely difficult. Also, they have to face another and even stronger obstacle: to compete and overcome their own image, the bad reputation that constantly follows our country in these past years. Despite all of the above, the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS team is bond to continue their efforts, overcome these adversities and prove that the positive attitude of the Greek business and the Greek entrepreneur can subvert the negativity and project the most positive aspects of the Greek economy: Premium Greek products, business ethics and dignity”.            

H purpose for organizing the Greek Export Awards 2015 is the reward of excellence in the export division of the in domestic business community. Therefore the award that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS was nominated and won, justifies the strategic decision to invest in the extrovert activity of the company. It is worth mentioning that the company, which started its operation more than four decades ago and is established in Thessaloniki, today manufactures and distributes its premium quality and innovative hydraulic products at 44 countries worldwide, at five continents, from N. Zealand to India and from Brazil to China.    

The award ceremony, which held speeches by the Secretary-General of the ministry of Economy Mr. Ilias Ksanthakos, the Emeritus Professor of the National Technical University of Athens Mr. Theodosios Tasios. Mr. Tsanetos Karantsis President of the Union of Diplomatic Finance & Commercial Affairs Officers (ENDY OEY) and Mr. Konstantinos Ouzounis CEO of Ethos Media, the ceremony was presented by the reporter of SKAI channel Ms. Anna Bousdoukou and was attended by more than 400 executives of the Greek industry.


Watch below the award ceromony of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS as well as photos of the event:

This press release was republished by the Greek blogs Thessbomb & Mywaypress.

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