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Cooperation with academic & educational institutions

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS cooperates with academic foundations and educational institutions by sharing its expertise knowledge with young students. We often have the pleasure to host educational visits of students from local educational institutions, who are being introduced to what the hydraulic industry is in practice and other issues of our expertise.

Our people are being invited to participate in various seminars, forums and educational sessions or networking events, where their knowledge, their experience and their opinion is considered an interesting addition for the audience.

Also, it supports the academic community, by offering work placements for young students and participates in various scientific and research projects held by educational institutes or individual students.

Visits of students from local educational institutions

Lessons are not taking place only in schools classes!
Snapshots from the educational visit of students from the elevator technicians department of the Neapolis Technical Institute.

Visit by the Elevator Technician Department of Neapolis I.E.K in 2009

Visit by the Elevator Technician Department of Neapolis I.E.K in 2007

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