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Prevention Measures Against COVID-19 Based On New Directives
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Dear cooperators,

Given the current circumstances and in order to prevent and protect the wellbeing of our company’s people and the all our cooperators against the spread of COVID-19 and in accordance with the new directives from our government, we would like to inform you that from Monday 08/11/2021 the entrance to our establishment will only be allowed with the certificate of vaccination or certificate of recovery along with ID or passport verification.

Regarding the cooperators who have not been vaccinated or do not have a certificate of recovery, they will only be allowed entrance only with negative test result of PCR or Rapid test, which had been issued in the past 48 hours before their arrival to our premises.

The continuous and proper use of the protective face mask and the distance keeping from one to another is in any case a necessary condition for entering our premises.

Furthermore, in order to protect ourselves and the people around us, we urge you to communicate mainly by phone or any other electronic means, taking advantage of all the modern communication solutions and only if it is truly necessary have any direct communication. In that occasion, please contact us via phone before your arrival to set an appointment in our premises, so that we are able to take all the necessary precautions and ensure the protection of all of us.

We are hopeful to see drastic improvement of the aggravated epidemiological situation in the near future and we try with any means necessary to contribute in this direction.           

We appreciate and thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.


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