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Implementing even more Customized Hydraulic Projects

We always believe in setting the bar even higher is every project that we implement and that is the reason why we always welcome new and challenging quotes from our international clients.

For example, this new hydraulic scissor platform was custom-made by BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS for a specialized project in Bosnia. The platform has dimensions of 2,80m × 5,50m and total height of 3,55m. It is designed to lift weight up to 3 tons in total. Before the delivery was made to our client so as to install it to site, it was tested in our establishment to make sure of its proper function and that there will operate exceptionally.

Thanks to the high expertise and of our R&D department and the long-aged experience of our production department, this project is now performing unstoppably and excellently in one of the biggest industries in Bosnia.

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