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Why BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS power units are superior.

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS brand name may be linked with the manufacture of high quality hydraulic cylinders, that can operate in any hydraulic lift applications, but it is not the only product that stands out in its commodities. The BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS power units are one of those. The company has been producing high efficiency power units for more than 20 years. Having gained the valuable knowhow and expertise through this course of years has had a huge impact in company’s production line.

There is a misbelieve that power units are all similar and that they perform the exact same way, but this is far from truth. There are some key points that make BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ power units surpass the competitors products and these are:

  • Their block of valves are from the prominent German company BLAIN, that has decades of experience in the production of top quality valves.
  • All the other power unit’s accessories, such as the ball-valves, the hand pumps and the lock-valves are original BLAIN components and not imitation or no-name products.
  • Thermostats for low and high temperature are included.
  • They have exceptional product robustness with thick metal sheet.
  • They comprise oil heaters.
  • Reduced noise level.
  • Ergonomic design that offers ease during maintenance.
  • Compliance with the EN81-2+A3.

Having a power unit that is complete with original components from globally known brands, is a factor that not many companies in the world can boast about and if the economical aspect is also taken into account there is no room for comparison. BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS believes that the power units are essential to any hydraulic lift project and thus, insures that they are fully equipped to operate with ultimate safety and consequence.

All the above points are not just stated, they are fulfilled in every product that we manufacture and we challenge you to discover it. 

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