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2013 – 2014: Last year’s review & new year’s revelations


 As the new year has come, there is no better opportunity to wish each and every one of you, our customers, our suppliers and cooperators a happy and lucrative new year, filled with happiness and prosperity. Wanting to make our revelations for 2014, it is a good chance to look back at the year pasted and make an assessment of it. So, if we would like to sum up all the important events occurred in 2013, there would be several milestones that we should commemorate, as following:

  • At the beginning of 2013 BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS launched its newest addition to the product series that already existed in its catalogues. The BIOFIAL Hydraulic Car Frame concluded the set for complete hydraulic set for passenger elevators. The BIOFIAL Compact Cargo Lifts, the Car Platforms and last but not least, the Scissor Lift Platforms offer to our worldwide customers qualitative complete solutions for all hydraulic applications.
  • At a time of distrust towards the Greek companies, BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS through its consistency, its strategic commitment to extroversion and mainly its qualitative products and its superb services, managed to enter into 4 new markets worldwide. These new markets are Poland, Romania, Oman and across the Atlantic, Brazil. Getting into these markets was a goal, but maintaining them is both a challenge and a promise that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS is more than willing to make.
  • Trying to reinforce the brand name BIOFIAL HYDRAYLICS through web campaigns and other miscellaneous projects, achieved the introduction to new countries as mentioned above. But those actions also served as the means to convey many more cooperations in the existing 23 markets worldwide, grow a more uniform and thorough company profile and engage strategic partnerships with the most well known companies of their regions.
  • BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS stayed true to its commitment and participated at the top international lift exhibition INTERLIFT 2013 that took place in October at the Augsburg, Germany. The success of this participation was beyond our most optimistic expectations.
  • BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS celebrated its 40th year of nonstop operation this November. In that note and also because staying up to date with the products only was not totally satisfying, we wanted to make a small “face-lift” of the company’s image. So, we began from our logo and expanded this renovation to our webpage and social media presence, with very rewarding outcome.
  • Despite the “grey economical environment”  BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS invested in the “green energy” of photovoltaic. Wanting to improve the ecological imprint of the industry, BIOFIAL  invested more than 150.000€ in the PV energy.
  • It is a necessity for the hydraulic industry to be up to date with the latest machinery and the engineering breakthroughs that occur. For that reason BIOFIAL renewed some of its machinery with the latest in the market, so as to be able to serve every need of its customers.

Closing the retrospective of the year that has pasted, we want to thank once more, our customers, old and new ones, for their 40-years-old trust and preference. We value our cooperations and committee ourselves that with hard work, with perseverance and with direct and open communication, we can build an even stronger collaboration of mutual benefit. We also want to thank all our outdoor and indoor suppliers that have supported us in every way and all our cooperators and friends that with their attitude made business a pleasure. Last but not least, we warmly thank all the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ people that gave their best self in order to manage in a difficult year, to overcome any problems and to assist all our customers in the best possible way and always with a friendly and direct manner.

There are many plans and many new ideas for 2014. BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS is certainly looking forward a prosperous 2014, filled with new ventures, new connections across the globe and lots of successful business stories.

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