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Custom hydraulic cylinder of 10m produced for a special inclined tramway

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS is always fascinated by new and demanding projects that require careful planning and intensive design, thus this recent request that we have undertake.

Our goal this time was to manufacture a hydraulic cylinder of 10 meters length in one piece specifically made for a public inclined tramway installation here in Greece, required in a canyon located in Crete.

This was a project that required meticulous planning from the first step. Having in stock raw material in suitable diameters and in 10m lengths, is an issue that only a couple of industries in the field can have. BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS indeed possesses an inventory that can cope in such high demands. Also processing such a cylinder is something that needs proper industrial machinery and flawless technical planning, something that we are known for, throughout the years.

Last but not least, the personnel that handles those projects is required to be familiar with such challenging constructions, in order to achieve top quality products.

It took us just one week from receiving the order to having the hydraulic cylinder ready for collection. This reflects the commitment that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has to its customers and the determination of its personnel to high quality products in demanding projects.

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