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2014 Report & 2015 Planning


As we do every time in the beginning of a new year, before making our plans for 2015 we review the events pasted in 2014 and make an assessment of them. So below we would like to point out the main achievements that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has accomplished in the year pasted:

  • We are pleased to announce that 2014 was the best year that we have ever had regarding both the offer inquiries and the order confirmations that were placed by our customers. Off course this reflected in the annual turnover of the company and the general profit, which was significantly risen from the previous years. Two of our main advantages have always been the company’s flexible production and its ability to address any kind of hydraulic project with precision, according to each demand. And this is appreciated by the customers that trust BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS.
  • Another high achievement for us and mainly our export department, was that we managed to enter new global markets that we had been aiming. These were the markets of Hungary, Kosovo, Kuwait and the United Arabic Emirates. We have developed strong business and personal relations with strategic partners that support and promote the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS brand in their regions.
  • At the beginning of 2013 we introduced our newest addition to the series of products that we manufacture, the BIOFIAL Hydraulic Car Frame, the BIOFIAL Compact Cargo Lifts, the Car Platforms and last but not least, the Scissor Lift Platforms. Exactly two years after their launch we have successfully planed, manufactured and installed several hundreds of such projects throughout the globe and have received very positive feedback regarding their robustness, their precision to the specifications and their general operation. BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has become a synonym of manufacturing quality hydraulic solutions for special, non-standardized projects that the international competition fail to assist.
  • Our scientific personnel participated with its articles in well-known international magazines, portals and discussions for the hydraulic lift systems, their efficiency and the new innovations of the field. We strongly support their thoughts and believe that their actions reflect BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS as a respected company with actual knowhow within the engineering world.
  • We have empowered our business and personal relationships with our international customers, suppliers and cooperators. Numerous persons, from India to Russia and literally from all over the world visited our company and our team at our premises in Thessaloniki. We were honored to welcome some long term clients that wanted to discuss some of their ongoing projects, but also several new business contacts that wanted to meet us in person and take a tour of our factory. Our team has also visited several cooperators mainly across Europe, in order to discuss various business issues. Thus, we would like to thank all of our valued clients and our respected suppliers for their time consumed in those meetings and their efforts to upgrade our cooperation.
  • We like to be connected with our cooperators and with international market generally. Thus, this past year we enforced our presence in the social media. We had a belief that even though our products were well known, many people were not familiar with our company. Now, with the social media growth and our focus on promoting our company awareness through specialized marketing strategies, we have increased the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS brand recognition.

So, after referring to 2014 highlights, we would like to present our new year’s revelations for 2015.

  • This year the main focus is on the two international exhibitions that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS will participate. The 14th International Exhibition “ASANSOR ISTANBUL 2015” that will take place on Istanbul at 26th to 29th of March and the 2015 INTERLIFT exhibition will take place in Augsburg at the middle of October.
  • Also our interest in the countries of the middle East and developing direct business relations with them, is a goal that we want to achieve and have every prospect of accomplishing.
  • Moreover, this year we want to promote the specialized projects that we and our clients have implemented in the past years and have been operating continuously until now, after all that is the only way to evaluate the quality of our production right from the source.
  • Last but not least, last July we announced that our R&D department had been renewed with highly qualified personnel in the field of hydraulics, in order to keep up with the new demands that we were receiving. Also in the same announcement we revealed that a new series of products would be launched that would expand our range of products drastically, but before giving out more information we have to manage all the details and finalize our designating and planning, so stay tuned.

Finally we warmly thank all the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ personnel that supported the company for yet another year in order to assist all our customers in the best possible way and always with a friendly and direct manner.

Closing this post, we want to thank once more, our customers, old and new ones, for their year-old trust and preference, all our suppliers that have supported us in every way and all our cooperators and friends, with their positive attitude made business a pleasure.

We are looking forward to a prosperous 2015, filled with new ventures, new connections across the globe and lots of successful business stories….

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