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BIOFIAL-&-SOCIAL-MEDIABIOFIAL Hydraulics has vigorously entered the social era and has gained massive brand awareness through its presence in the social media. Wanting to expand our reach even further and ease our contact with our international cooperators, we have opened accounts in all the major social platforms in the internet.

Now you can view our official page also at Google+, where you can get to know us better and be informed about our latest news. Additionally, by following BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS in our new Instagram account (@Biofial.Hydraulics, #biofial) you can share photos and videos of our products installed globally!

Also, more members of the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS team have created and published their professional profiles in LinkedIn, so that you can view each of us individually and be able to contact us directly.

We invite you to connect with us, tag yourself, discuss with us issues of mutual professional interest, follow us and share with us photos of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS installed in your international projects!

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