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Stratigic partnerships in the UK: BIOFIAL + SHORTS

Knowing that our products are showcased at some of the most demanding markets internationally makes us feel proud and appreciative of the collaborations that we have developed over the years, even more when our customers present our products to their forwarding activities.

In this occasion a strategic partner of BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS that has grown to be a key cooperative in the northern Europe, SHORTS INDUSTRIES LTD has included our power units to present the renovation work that they do in UK territory. Having to refurnish a hydraulic elevator, so as to achieve higher efficiency and lower energy consumption, is a tricky operation that demands experience, knowhow, trustability and premium quality, that both BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS and SHORT INDUSTRIES require.

In the two demonstrating events of SHORTS’ for 2014, the Shorts London Open Day (Canary Wharf 19.03.14) and the Shorts Northern Open Day “Tour de Shorts” (Bradford 25.06.14), BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS was present: our power unit range for the refurbishment market, has been showcased, attracting the visitors attention.

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