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Customized Hydraulic Car Platform with Movement in Two Axis



The contemporary architecture of the buildings in urban centers and the various spatial restrictions that occur because of it, create several complicated challenges that the vertical movement industry has to face, not only in theory, but in practice, meaning the actual implementation of such projects.  

BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has the scientific and technical knowledge, the know-how and the experience of 42 years of executing such projects. Οur technical department considers it a challenge when we receive an inquiry for a project that is set apart from the standardized series and requires specialized planning. So, we are proud to present our latest customized special hydraulic car parking project, which operates only by hydraulic movement in both axis, vertically and horizontally and it is studied, calculated, designed and manufactured exclusively by BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS.


In this occasion, the challenge given by our customer, was to create a hydraulic vehicle parking platform that would move not only vertically, but would execute horizontal offset to the car loaded. Meaning, it would load and move the vehicle from position 0 to -1 and place it in position -2 with the use of hydraulics. And as a matter of fact, in this customized project, the horizontal movement was longer than the vertical.

Maybe it is not easy for the average user to understand the significance of constructing a vertical lifting project that operates only by the use of hydraulic movement, when most of the manufacturers will have chosen to implement such a project with mechanical assistance. But during the installation and the year-old operation of machinery, this is a factor that makes the difference. It also increases the safety factor of the whole installation, thus making it more secure for the car and its driver-user.

The first part of the project is something that we are implementing very often in vehicle parking systems applications. The motion is set by the use of two opposed hydraulic cylinders positioned in the frame of the construction that make the vertical movement. In this kind of applications the suspension is usually indirect, due to the small travel of the platform, but since BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS specializes in the manufacturing of exceptional quality telescopic cylinders, we are able to produce even 3-staged synchronized telescopic cylinders that travel over 10m so as to achieve the required height.

For the second part of the movement, in the horizontal axis, most companies would use electrical motors and other mechanical parts in order to achieve the horizontal offset, but for BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS this was not a choice. We manufactured a double acting hydraulic cylinder that is normally used for other kind of industrial applications and customized its specifications to fit the needs of this specific project.

The result was a seamless hydraulic project that uses 2 twin hydraulic cylinders, 1 double-acting cylinder and 2 power units that were placed in a customized platform. This combination operates perfectly as a joint hydraulic lifting system, which is regulated by an automated customized control panel that sets everything into motion.

The production of such projects is the main cause that we truly enjoy our field of expertise, since it makes us challenge our experience in finding ways to successfully implement these kind of constructions, using only quality customized hydraulic products that we design and manufacture. It is not a coincidence that when such inquiries occur in a market around the globe, many different companies from the same market apply to BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS seeking for trustable solutions.

So, we have every reason to claim that we DO hydraulics with actual evidence!


Below in the embaged video you can view the testing of the platform:


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