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Why producing customized products is our advantage

The last decade, BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS has been successfully researching, designing, manufacturing and implementing customized complete hydraulic elevator solutions for cargo or vehicles, in compact and scissor mode, and one of the most common questions that our clients apply to us is “why don’t you produce standard series of that products?”

We believe that having standardized products may be a convenient solution for many manufacturing industries, but being able to produce any custom-made application is a factor that sets BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS apart from the other global competition of the industry.

The challenge to build some robust project that will fit 100% the client’s needs is something that we always find alluring and stimulating. That has been our trade mark from the establishment of the company 42 years ago: to provide reliable hydraulic solutions where others cannot, in the shortest delivery time and in moderate cost.

The following hydraulic scissor platform for example, is designed and manufactured for heavy cargo lifting. It can load cargos up to 3 tons of net weight and can travel 4,6 meters in height. The dimensions of the platform are 5,5m length and 2,5m width. The whole machine has been implemented by BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS, from the hydraulic parts (cylinders and the power unit), to the metal parts (platform and metal construction), for an important international customer that trusts us throughout the years for all the special projects that he installs.

So to conclude, we can with any doubt  manufacture standardized hydraulic products for lifting applications, as other companies do, but we are one of the few industries in global scale, that can undertake completely customized hydraulic projects for any specifications and without any limitations.     


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