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Russia – Spain – Philippines: Three new markets added to BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS export map


Three new markets have been added to the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS export activity map!

We welcome Russia, Spain and Philippines to our international clientele!

Having entered most European countries with direct exports of almost all the range of our products, one of the most difficult and most competitive markets has been Russia. We have always had strong business relations with them and had our products featured in specialized projects through our clients, but now we are proud to announce that BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products are directly exported to Russia.

The Iberian Peninsula, has been on the path to sustainable growth of its economy and thus has attracted the interest of the manufacturing industry lately. We have had several requests from Spain and Portugal in the past years, but had not succeeded into obtaining key-customers until now. The last months, a respected Spanish elevator industry has started installing the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS’ premium quality products to a variety of hydraulic elevator applications.

Philippines and many other countries in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean area have always had strong interest in the European elevator industry. Having a renown brand name and having already entered the near-by China growing market, has resulted in BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS entering now the Philippines market directly, with potentials of further entrance to other neighbor Southeast Asia countries.

We feel happy and honored to state that now, the BIOFIAL HYDRAULICS products are been exported from Greece to 44 countries worldwide!

From here on, we aim to new goals, setting the bar even higher…

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